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Louise Vaughn the Reflexologist is also an excellent trained masseuse, her wonderful massages cost from 80€

Louise writes “I trained in Massage in London in 1989 and broadened my skills to include Reflexology some 2 years later.  I found that Reflexology worked on many levels, from deep inside the body towards the outside as well as the mind and spirit.  Together with these and other skills clients receive comprehensive and effective support.

I spent over 8 years working in Paris, whilst there I chose to specialise as a Maternity Reflexologist (2005) and developed a significant practice in this area.

Even though I’m a very experience Reflexologist and Massage therapist, I’m a firm believer in the importance of continuing professional (and personal) development. I regularly participate in courses to develop my skills, knowledge and understanding of healing, the human body and its condition. I also give lectures, talks and workshops within my profession and to special interest groups.”


Ludo Chambriard  Chinese Masseur, In Monaco every Friday, available for home visits also. His incredibly deep massages cost 100€ for one hour.

Trained in Anmo Tuina massage which is a Chinese specialisation working with acupuncture points and meridians on the body. It is part of TCM Traditional Chinese Medecine, and it’s aim is to disperse and stimulate energy and tone.
The ultimate result is to balance energy in both body and mind
Tuina can therefore be considered as a therapeutic treatment, not just a relaxation one.
Ludo has trained in Tuina Abdominal Massage working deep into the belly which allows him to release past emotions and help with the energy if blocking abdominal organs.

Shona Marrs  in ANTIBES

Available at the clinic in Antibes and for home visits
Very strong hands, if asked for. She is a full time massage therapist, and her treatments are drawn from her training in ;Deep tissue body sculpting
Flowing Swedish styles
Skin rolling and manual kneading ( combats cellulite)
Passive joint and sensory repatterning
Price 65€ an hour table time

if you need more than a massage the Osteopaths will be able to take away your pain and get your body ready for a massage
04 93 96 50 88
email the clinic and say which type of massage you’d like to book…